Film Review

“An evocative, informative film.”
Tom McSorley, Director, Canadian Film Institute

(From Canadian Film Institute newsletter Autumn 2009)
An important contribution to the documentation and dissemination of Arctic expedition history, ARCTIC SHADOWS is an exceptionally well-researched documentary film on the Arctic career of Dr.R.M. Anderson, former chief biologist of the National Museum of Canada and a world-renowned mammalogist. Woven together by Anderson’s own words taken from his extensive diaries and letters and read by a narrator, the film centres on Anderson’s three Arctic expeditions: the Stefansson-Anderson Expedition of 1908-1912, the Canadian Arctic Expedition of 1913-1918, and the Eastern Arctic Patrol of 1928. Filmmaker David Gray brings to light the hitherto neglected legacy of Anderson, introducing the man and his immense contribution to Arctic study to the greater public. A historical, informative film. World Premier.